No one will ever know, how I loved you
You were my best friend

Alone here, just thinkin' of you
You lived it till the end....

When I came home
You were waggin' your tail

With your friends at the barn
Or just playin' ball....

Pullin' up the drive, oh how you danced
Like you'd been waitin' for me

Doin_ wheelies, and flyin' high
Oh how you made me smile....

Runnin' mile after mile
You were the fastest of all

How could you do that
Then sleep like a log....

It'll never be the same
 Without you here

You're in my heart
 In my dreams....

I know you'll be there
 Just waitin' for me

We'll play and play
 On our new day....

No one will ever know
 How I loved you

Now you're gone
 My best friend