Old Crow

Old Crow cover  Let's rock!

  Some say it's the best.

I was going to stop at one - play it safe - 'til the "Old Crow" on the side of the road -  in a blowin' snow storm in New Hampshire - told me, you've gotta do it - there's one more inside of you!

I had to go for it !!!

They say it's better than the first !!!

Song arrangements with: Brent Pentleton, Randy Linder, Michael Smith, Steve Munger.

Songs/lyrics Steve Hulbert ©2002 Funmeister Publishing BMI

Guitars: Michael Smith | Bass: Scott Simmons | Drums: Everett James | Keyboards: Brent Pendleton | Saxophone: Steve Munger | Fiddle/Pedal Steel: Tony Douglas | Harmonies: Randy Linder, Emily McIntosh | Trumpet: Andy Omdahl | Vocals: Steve Hulbert

01 So Glad
Download: Audio icon 01 So Glad
02 Old Crow
Download: Audio icon 02 Old Crow
03 Monterey Morning
04 405
Download: Audio icon 04 405
05 Cold Sheets
Download: Audio icon 05 Cold Sheets
06 Pretty Boy Floyd
07 Who's That?
Download: Audio icon 07 Who's That?
08 Last Farewell
09 Comin' Home
Download: Audio icon 09 Comin' Home
10 Atlanta
Download: Audio icon 10 Atlanta