Old Crow

Old Crow cover  Let's rock!

  Some say it's the best.

I was going to stop at one - play it safe - 'til the "Old Crow" on the side of the road -  in a blowin' snow storm in New Hampshire - told me, you've gotta do it - there's one more inside of you!

I had to go for it !!!

They say it's better than the first !!!

Song arrangements with: Brent Pentleton, Randy Linder, Michael Smith, Steve Munger.

Songs/lyrics Steve Hulbert ©2002 Funmeister Publishing BMI

Guitars: Michael Smith | Bass: Scott Simmons | Drums: Everett James | Keyboards: Brent Pendleton | Saxophone: Steve Munger | Fiddle/Pedal Steel: Tony Douglas | Harmonies: Randy Linder, Emily McIntosh | Trumpet: Andy Omdahl | Vocals: Steve Hulbert

01 So Glad
02 Old Crow
03 Monterey Morning
04 405
05 Cold Sheets
06 Pretty Boy Floyd
07 Who's That?
08 Last Farewell
09 Comin' Home
10 Atlanta