On The Road

On The Road cover  It was the first!

  From the beginning.

The first CD - When asked "What kind of music is this?  Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz?"  As Elvis said, "It's my kinda music."  Or maybe somewhere between the lines?  You've just gotta hear it!  The band rocks!

Michael (Smitty) Smith: guitars | Scott Simmons: bass | Everett (The big 'E') James: drums Brent Pendleton: keyboards, percussion | Steve Hulbert: guitar, vocals | Steve Munger: alto sax | Tony Douglas: fiddle, pedal steel | Gary Ballard: mandolin, dobro | Drew Gibbs: trumpet | Tim Roberge, Pat Mehan: additional percussion | Randy Linder: harmonies and vocal coach | Kristin Flores: duet/stewardess | Pam Webberly, Kama Montermini: backing vocals | on Who's The Fool: Randy Linder, guitar; Rick Smith, bass; Tim Roberts, drums | True Love & Sunday Sunrise Service: Bruce Whitcomb, bass

Produced by Prent Pendleton and Steve Hulbert

All songs written by Steve Hulbert w/ Michael Smith (#1); Brent Pendleton (#4); Randy Linder (#7); Troy Pettit (#8).

© 2000 Funmeister Publishing, Olympia, WA

01 Sometimes You've Got It
02 My Broken Mind
03 Suzie Q
04 In The Still of the Night
05 Bakersfield to LA
06 Sunday Sunrise Service
07 Who's the Fool?
08 Full Moon
09 True Love