Into the Night

  I had to do it!

  It drove me into the night.

I couldn't stop - I wanted to be with the band - the music was a thread of my life - it drove me - into the night !!!

Songs and lyrics by Steve Hulbert

Song arrangements with Randy Linder, Brent Pentleton, Michael Smith, and Steve Munger.

© 2003 Funmeister Publishing Company, LLC -- BMI

Guitars: Michael Smith | Keyboards: Brent Pendleton | Saxophone and Flute: Steve Munger | Drums: Everett James | Bass: Scott Simmons | Trumpet: Andy Omdahl | Percussion: Matthew Burgess | Baritone Saxophone: Derek Nelson | Pedal Steel: Mark Eckert | Lead Guitar (tracks 2 & 6): Grady Edens | Vocal Harmonies: Emily McIntosh and Randy Linder | Vocals: Steve Hulbert

Special Thanks: cathy and my family, Taylor, Markus, Tim Roberge, Airelle Smith, Mary's Mean Ass BBQ, Don Julio & Corona, Texas Espresso, Desco Audio, Joey La Rocque at The Bar Code, Music 6000, and the Pod Patrol.

01 White Light
02 Somewhere Between
03 Back to the Country
04 Lady of the Night
05 Lost Ship
06 Glory Train
07 Last Night
08 Reflections in the Night
09 But It's Over Now
10 Costa Rica