Into the Night

  I had to do it!

  It drove me into the night.

I couldn't stop - I wanted to be with the band - the music was a thread of my life - it drove me - into the night !!!

Songs and lyrics by Steve Hulbert

Song arrangements with Randy Linder, Brent Pentleton, Michael Smith, and Steve Munger.

© 2003 Funmeister Publishing Company, LLC -- BMI

Guitars: Michael Smith | Keyboards: Brent Pendleton | Saxophone and Flute: Steve Munger | Drums: Everett James | Bass: Scott Simmons | Trumpet: Andy Omdahl | Percussion: Matthew Burgess | Baritone Saxophone: Derek Nelson | Pedal Steel: Mark Eckert | Lead Guitar (tracks 2 & 6): Grady Edens | Vocal Harmonies: Emily McIntosh and Randy Linder | Vocals: Steve Hulbert

Special Thanks: cathy and my family, Taylor, Markus, Tim Roberge, Airelle Smith, Mary's Mean Ass BBQ, Don Julio & Corona, Texas Espresso, Desco Audio, Joey La Rocque at The Bar Code, Music 6000, and the Pod Patrol.

01 White Light
Download: Audio icon 01 White Light
02 Somewhere Between
03 Back to the Country
04 Lady of the Night
05 Lost Ship
Download: Audio icon 05 Lost Ship
06 Glory Train
Download: Audio icon 06 Glory Train
07 Last Night
Download: Audio icon 07 Last Night
08 Reflections in the Night
09 But It's Over Now
10 Costa Rica
Download: Audio icon 10 Costa Rica