Pieces of the Past

Pieces of the Past  One last time.

  There was no place to go.

The Collector's Edition twin-disc set includes all songs from the three original CDs.

PRODUCED by Steve Hulbert
RECORDED at Arcade Digital Studios, Tumwater, WA Engineer Bruce Whitcomb. Lady of the Night recorded at Homer's big Groove Studios Engineer Brent Pendleton
MASTERING Mark Greer, Bandit Audio
MANUFACTURED & PRINTED by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ, U.S.A.
Song arrangements with: Brent Pentleton, Randy Linder, Michael Smith, Steve Munger.
Guitars: Michael Smith | Keyboards: Brent Pendleton | Drums: Everett James Saxophone/Flute: Steve Munger | Bass: Scott Simmons | Pedal Steel/Fiddle: Tony Douglas Trumpet: Andy Omdahl | Vocal Harmonies: Randy Linder & Emily McIntosh | Vocals: Steve Hulbert
GUEST ARTISTS Grady Edens (guitar #2) | Rick Smith (bass #1) | Tim Roberge (drums#1) Randy Linder (guitar #11) | Matthew Burgess (percussion #10)
PHOTOGRAPHY Steve vento, Vento Photography | Carl Cook, Cook Photos
DESIGNED BY Vcki Liantonio, The Design Studio at Disc Makers
SPECIAL THANKS Cathy, Nick, Markus, Pod Patrol, Airelle, Tim, Patron, Don Julio, Corona, Foley Fantasies, Officer Whitcomb, Desco Audio & Music 6000.
Songs/lyrics Steve Hulbert © 2008 Funmeister Publishing Co., LLC (BMI)

D1-01 White Light
D1-02 Old Crow
Download: Audio icon D1-02 Old Crow
D1-03 Suzie Q
Download: Audio icon D1-03 Suzie Q
D1-04 In the Still of the Night
D1-05 Bakersfield to LA
D1-06 Cold Sheets
D1-07 Sunday Sunrise Service
D1-08 True Love
Download: Audio icon D1-08 True Love
D1-09 Who's the Fool?
D1-10 Sometimes You've Got It
D1-11 My Broken Mind
D1-12 Atlanta
Download: Audio icon D1-12 Atlanta
D2-01 White Light
D2-02 Somewhere Between
D2-03 405
Download: Audio icon D2-03 405
D2-04 Lady of the Night
D2-05 Pretty Boy Floyd
D2-06 Monterey Morning
D2-07 Reflection in the Night
D2-08 Glory Train
D2-09 Last Farewell
D2-10 Back to the Country
D2-11 Last Night
D2-12 Costa Rica