Tap It Out!

Tap It Out! Tap It Out! Tap It Out!

What am I tryin’ to hold on to?
The more I get, the more I need
My God, this is takin’ over me

It’s my comfort, see my groove
How’s my game, ya, like my moves?
It’s the yin, the yang, am I afraid to change?

Babe, how do I look?
In my latest suit, Italian style
But I’ll need somethin’ new, to keep lookin’ good, for you

Hot, Hot, Hot or not?
Tap It Out! Tap It Out! Tap It Out!

Hey, what kinda’ car do ya drive? I lease all five of mine
A Jag, Escalade, heavy duty 4X4 for my boat
Oh, I forgot my motor home

Buildin’ a new house, 15,000 square feet
So my family can stay close
Swimmin’ pool, theatre, and more, more, so much more

How much is enough? MAC, PC, PED
Oh, just Blackberry me
Maybe we could see, each other someday

It’s time, It’s time, It’s time to
Tap It Out! Tap It Out! Tap It Out!

Hey, where’s my family? Too busy to talk
Livin’ all over this world
Guess, I’ll have to wait to see ‘em

New York, L.A., just another day
What city am I in?
Where am I goin’? Where’ve I been?

I’m runnin’ so hard, can’t find the time
To give you the love, you deserve
But wait! You know I really do love you?

Spinning out of control, I can’t let it go
I’m tryin’ to keep it all
Do you know, what I paid for that?

What am I sharing,’ with others?
Oh ya, the ones I love
Let alone, the ones, that are really in need

It’s takin’ over me, it’s got my soul
What’s wrong with me?
What do I care about? What am I gonna be?

What am I givin’ back? What am I givin’ back?
Tap It Out! Tap It Out! Tap It Out!

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa – where am I tryin’ to go?
Tap It Out! Tap It Out! Tap It Out!

Layin’ in my coffin, lookin’ up
You know I mean
Cold, dead, and gone

Can’t take it with ya?
What do I want, when I’m gone?
Good friends, a family and love

Am I livin’ each day?
Or just givin’ it away?
My time, My love, My life

The question is, was I a player in life?
Did I take my shot? Did I make my shot?
Did I give to the ones I love?

Time’s runnin’ out
So Brother, do it now
Tap it Out!!! Tap it Out!!! Tap it Out!!!