Savin' the World

There are times I feel
Like I'm losin' my will 
Trying to save the world

But at an early age
As a boy in life
Somethin' lay deep in my soul

Cause, I've always felt best
Somewhere out west
In my country, the great outdoors

The birds, the trees
They make me see
What this is all about

There's a balance in the sky
As the hummer flies by
And the flicker sing his song

Fishin' down on the river
Walkin' her path
Never caring if I catch a thing

You know you're with God
The great spirit above
When you're out there walkin' her banks

The currents of life
Just keep flowin' by
Like time, you just can't slow her down

Like a rock in the stream
Hard times and pain
Seem like they'll never end

Then a thunder bolt screams
And a storm starts to scream
The rain comes a pourin' down

Then the sun starts to shine
On the mountain crest
And the good times, are comin' again

So I must stand tall
And answer the call
To help save this magical place

For I can't give up
Seven generations to come
It's their right to share this place

So I can't lose my will
No I never will
Stop tryin' to save this world