The Perfect Day

A cloudless sky, a brilliant blue, one like only God could do
The spider's webs, covered with dew, a floating sea of lace
It's a morning like you've never seen
Oh, what a perfect day

A late October morning, the first frost, a chill in the air
Nick our dog, doin' whirlybirds
You could see his breath, in the cool crisp air
It felt so good just to be here

Like always at the end of Johnson Point Loop
A flock of robins, circled over our heads
Their double beat, cheep, cheep, cheep
How they soared on the wind

As you looked up, you could see them again
More, no, there were more
Oh ya, hundreds, higher and higher
Dancin' in the thin air

It must be the day!  That the word went out
The lead robin, called all his friends
It's the time, you know, that time of the year
It's the day we all must leave

Come one, come all, it's a clear blue sky
The higher you fly, the more you'll see
The currents the breeze, take you away with me

Come one, come all
We're headin' south
It's that perfect day