Namibian Stars

Air crisp and sweet, a cool fresh morning
The rising sun’s pastel colors, desert’s smell of sage

Ever changing landscapes, majestic, large & grand
As far as you can see, they seem to never end

Time passes quickly, it turns to searing heat
The day becomes so hot, you know you’re in the Namib

Dunes, ancient forests, fade into the shimmering light
Desert rolling down the other side, to the Skeleton Coast

Such a harsh environ, life giving coastal fog
Only the spirits, sun, wind & rain, touch this holy land

There are a couple of rivers, sinking into the sand
Stream beds turn to Oasis, for the desert adapted life

So diverse a people, the many tribes so proud
Elders voices, died for us, freedom that long hard road

Red, orange rays of light, the sun begins to set
Golden honey grasses, close the day & start the night

The air turns cool, black skies come alive
There’s nothing like, a Namibian night

Shooting stars never end, Orion, 7 Sisters, the Southern Cross
It’s lighting up half the sky? My god, it’s the Milky Way!

A full moon slowly rises, brightening up the sky
We’re so lucky just to be here, under Namibian Stars