(My Horse)

The first time I saw him
I couldn’t believe it
North of the border
In Surrey B.C.

That crisp fall morning
Puffin’ like a train
Floating through the field
With power and grace

Stood 16’2 at the withers   
Three white socks and a blaze
A Canadian thoroughbred
A red Chestnut, I can’t explain

With his Irish name
And a mind of his own
He almost killed me
I almost killed him

Learning to ride
I tried so hard
To be soft and free
We lived and learned

Give it away
Give it away
Let it go
Oh how we fought

His best friend Ace
How they raced and raced
Back and forth
Across the fields

Then back to the barn
Like two crazy fools
Then they’d start
All over again

Kersey’s gone
To a field far away
A mad man
Just like me