Leader of my dreams
The kind of man I'd like to be
He's shown me a way to feel the Lord
And opened life's meaning to me
A wife, a family, to carry on his name

His discipline has made me strong
Though it's been hard at times
I've grown to know through latter days
It's been harder on him than me
As I carry on his name

My Father has helped me touch the earth,
Through our times on the rivers and streams
Together in the mountains our silence there
His life has given so much to me
To help me carry on his name

He's given me the path to find myself
To stand and be a man
Do the things I know are right
Actions, not words again
I must carry on his name

Most of all, my Father's love
Has shown me what life's about
Yes, he's shown me a way, to love and live
To see and reach my dreams
Yes, this man I love, that's shared so much
Is my Father, I carry on his name