Death should not be mourned, no
It should be the celebration of a life

Life is a full circle
Though at times, we forget

We have all been so blessed,
To have had Deon in our lives

So let us remember her
For the life she lived
And the love that she gave

For it is,
"These Memories"
"Our Dreams"
"The Images"
"And that Love"

That we all, take with us in the end


It is time for us all
To stop ---- sit back
Reflect, and recall
The most beautiful woman in the world

Look, at that picture
Over there, on the wall
And remember
Our Mother, Deon

Flowing brown hair
Gorgeous legs, what a shape
Her blue eyes
Could see through your soul

But, it wasn't her beauty
Or how smart she was
That made her, so unique
It was, the way that she loved

Her husband, her family
The horses, the dog
The lady she met on the street
She gave it, to us all

Can you hear her chuckle
See her warm smile
Hello, little girl
What's your name ?

My name is Deon
Where are you going today ?
You're so beautiful
Oh please, have a fine day

Been around the world
Experienced it all
With kings and queens
She'd danced with them all

Made them feel right at home
Like no other they'd met
Her love
Motivated it all

Shared her life with Carl
Raised a family of six
Always there
A natural, all the way

Now the Lord, has come
To take her home
To those places
That wait, for us all

It's time, to let her go
Know we'll see her again
The one
That we loved so much

But we must, remember
Deon's moments here
For the life she lived
And the love that she gave

Stay close as a family
Carry on her dream
Share the love
She's given to us