The Border Boys

The Border Boys
Six brothers they came
Seven years-old, the story goes

No one knows
Where they came from
On their way, to King’s Pool

Namibia to Botswana
Border river they swam
The Linyanti, is her name

Bad Boys all six
They came as a gang
To fight “Alto”, for his Savuti Pride

“Alto” never seen again
They killed all the males
Then the cubs, to start their life again

Lionesses loved them
They mated, copulated
Every fifteen minutes, they’d roar

Nothing stopped them
The perfect specimens
Ultimate genes, to pass on

Strong and beautiful
The “Border Boys”
Greek Gods, of the Okavango

Return from the Delta
To share their kill
All for their, Savuti Pride

They hunted at night
Like no other team
They could take, anything down

Elephant, Hippos,
Leopards, Giraffe,
Baboons, Buffalo and the like

These “Border Boys”
Where did they come from?
Like a mirage, in the night

Their story to be told
They’ve come to King’s Pool
To carry on, the Savuti Pride

    Steve Hulbert