The Big Baboon

So, as we’re tracking Leopard - Odi our guide and friend - tells us a story about what happened three weeks ago.  How three big male Baboons took down and killed a local Leopard he knew - he loved – yes, a brutal story.  So as he finished his story - he joyfully told us the tale of “The Big Baboon.”

                                              “THE BIG BABOON”

It was a quiet afternoon out on the Okavango Delta - as six male Lions were slowly cruising through the bush - on a lazy summer day. Far – far – far off in the distance.  There was a huge – mean – dominant male Baboon – king of his harem.  Bathing in the warm sun - he stood sentry over his troop on the top branch of a beautiful Acacia tree.  As he rested there scanning the horizon – he spotted the six Lions approaching – he rose to his feet and let out a giant roar – HOHOHOOO.  He stomped and jumped on the branch at the same time – making quite a scene.  The entire tree shook and quivered with each of his screams – roars – shrieks.  Well, it didn’t seem to bother the Lions – “Kings of the Jungle.”  As the Lions got closer – and closer – the giant Baboon with his long teeth snarling – spitting – shouted louder and louder.  HOHOHOOO – HOHOHOOO – shaking the branch with all his might – the entire tree swayed back and forth – but slowly and quietly the Lions just kept coming.  As they arrived at his tree  – oh – so very close – they were now directly beneath “The Big Baboon” – well, he let out a roar like you’ve never heard before – his loudest ever – with all his teeth shining – screaming – HOHOHOOO - HOHOHOOO – HOHOHOOO – swinging on his branch from side to side – like a mad man.  Suddenly - in an instant – without a second’s warning – the branch he stood on snapped – he fell to the ground with giant a thud – right into the middle of the six Lions.  It was his last day – what a great meal for the Lions!

 We all laughed.