Down by the river, where Beauregard played
My partner in life, a dog, a love, I can't explain
He ran like the wind, head held so high
His own special pride, that glint in his eyes
But, it was his soul, he gave it his all
Never questioning love, runnin' straight into life

Wake up in the morning, wasn't sure if alive
Till you said, "let's go to the barn" see the sunrise
He loved the horses, but learned their strength
Always so smart, to stay just away
Ella and Ace, he would almost kiss
But that big red, Kersey, is the one to miss

His spirit so high, just startin' the day
He'd check it all out, before comin' your way
Prancin' down the driveway, "let's go get the paper"
Racin' out to find the deer, lookin' for all the neighbors
Turn around, charge back, a hundred miles an hour
That spark of life, our reason for livin'

Little Molly his pal, he'd bite on and chew
They got along so well, but you never knew
When Shannon came out, she brought his girlfriend "Jet"
Never stopped playin', they were the perfect set
Ebony and ivory, they'll be friends forever
Just a part of our farm, their lives together

He always knew when and where, we were goin'
By the clothes we put on, how we were smellin'
So smart, so cunning, always beating you to it
He'd be layin' in the truck, before you knew it
Asleep or barkin', always part of the action
Wherever we went, the center of attention

Where's Beau, where's Beau, the kids would shout
Soon as you opened the door, he'd come flyin' out
Oh, he's the prettiest dog, we've ever seen
Never seen a poodle that big, especially in cream
So many friends, everybody loved Beau
Everywhere he went, was the hit of the show

At the beach, the cabin, or out in the woods
Always ready for a run, like no dog could
Chasin' seagulls, or climbin' a mountain four times
Always callin his name, runnin' up from behind
Then he'd stop, look around, charge right at you
Just as hard as he could, then just miss you

I were so far away, when the word finally came
That my buddy was sick, that he really needed me
I flew all night, with tears in my eyes
My darlin' was there, right by his side
We prayed, we called upon all of our resources
But, it just wasn't enough to change the course

Beauregard tried, with all his might
You'd never believe, those days with such fight
We gave it our all, tryin' every solution
Showin him our love, our hope, all our emotions
The last hours we spent, with him in our arms
Lord, he showed us life, a new morning's dawn

The call finally came, late in the night
We couldn't believe, but we knew somehow right
He'd been through so much, given his all
The memories we'd shared, is what we must recall
Cause he's shown us, what life's all about
In the way that he lived, and loved us all

Beau, we'll see you again, in our coming life
But until then please hold on to us tight
For there's no other dog, that can take your place
Your soul, your love, will never be replaced
You'll always be with us, in our hearts
Each moment with you, we'll always love

We love you, Beauregard